9 Best Ways To Keep Birds Off Patio Umbrella(2023)

How to keep birds off patio umbrella? Birds chirping and flying around can make your patio a delightful place.

However, they can be a real problem sometimes, especially when someone is having his meal under the patio umbrella or spending time with friends or family. Right?

And if you own a patio umbrella, maybe in your backyard, garden, or outside your restaurant, you might have noticed bird poops or droppings there, which sometimes feel really uncomfortable due to their constant presence.

how to keep birds off patio umbrella

We are here to help you guys keep those feathered friends out of your patio umbrella.
Here, we will also discuss different types of birds and their behavior with respect to your patio umbrella.

So, whether you find pigeons, sparrows, or starlings near your patio, you’ll be able to get rid of them by the end of this guide.

Why Birds Are Attracted to Patio Umbrellas?

There are many possible reasons why you find birds all around your patio umbrella.

First, birds see your patio umbrella as a comfortable shelter to rest. Like we seek shade on a hot day, birds also look for a comfortable resting place. Here, the umbrella’s cover provides them a cool and safe spot to stay.

why patio umbrella attract birds

Second, but most importantly, they may find your umbrella a free food paradise where it’s easy to find insects, spiders, and even tiny crumbs to eat. It’s more like a ready-made buffet for them.

Lastly, As we know, birds need nests to raise their families, and most probably, they see your wind-resistant patio umbrella as a safe place to build nests, grow their little ones, and keep them protected.

Effects of Bird Infestations

Finding birds on your patio umbrella can bring some challenges. This includes messy troubles, noise, and other health concerns.

Birds are well-known as tidy eaters. Their poop & droppings can literally make your umbrella look ugly. Which means you’ll need to clean the umbrella again and again when you find something unpleasant there. Still, cleaning the umbrella for bird poop is not tough, but it’s pretty time-consuming.

Most of the birds are quite chatty, and their constant chirping can disturb your quiet patio time. Even though their songs can be melodic, too much noise can become annoying.

Another concern is health. Bird droppings can contain germs and harmful bacteria. If you touch surfaces contaminated with these droppings, it can be a health risk. So, keeping a clean patio umbrella is important to eliminate such health concerns.

3 Most Common Patio Umbrella Invaders

Your patio umbrella can become a favourite destination for several types of birds. There are usually 3 most common types of birds often found near the patio or patio umbrella.

Which are pigeons, sparrows, and starlings. By knowing about these common patio umbrella invades, you can get some help to manage them.



Pigeons are also known as city birds because they are one of the frequent fliers near your patio umbrella.

They are easy to identify, all thanks to their thick bodies and typical cooing sounds. Pigeons droppings are ugly and can easily damage your umbrella fabric over time if ignored or not properly cared for.


Sparrows are small birds that have brownish-gray feathers. They may look like they are not going to harm you, but they can easily get into your patio.


Sparrows are known for their skill in finding food scraps, and your umbrella can be a perfect source for them.


Starlings are medium-sized birds with glossy black feathers and speckles. These birds love to travel in large flocks and are highly social. Starlings can be your noisy neighbors, and their endless chatter can disturb your conversations.


Like pigeons and any other birds out there, they can also leave their droppings behind on your patio umbrella, which may require regular cleaning if you really want your umbrella in the long run.

How To Keep Birds Off Patio Umbrella?

#1. Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are like small, pointy sticks that you attach on the top of your umbrella or any surface where birds usually land.

Birds don’t like landing on these spikes because it feels uncomfortable for them. When they try to sit on your umbrella, these spikes make it challenging for them to find a comfortable spot to sit, so they better decide to fly somewhere else.

bird spikes

These spikes are not meant to harm the birds; they simply make your umbrella less attractive for them to come close. Which is why, it’s a kind and humane way to protect your patio umbrella from these unwanted guests.

You can find bird spikes in many online as well as offline stores, and the best part is that they are very easy to install. You just have to follow the instructions carefully to install them.

Bird spikes are indeed an effective solution to keep birds off your patio umbrella and prevent any bird droppings from your patio umbrella accessories.

#2. Reflective Objects

Reflective objects are shiny and catch the sunlight which creates a dazzling show of light around your umbrella.

Birds like pigeons and sparrows get scared by these sudden flashes of light. When they try to land on your umbrella and see these reflections, it frightens them, and they choose to better fly away.

You can use things like old CDs, aluminum foil strips, or even windsocks with reflective materials. All you have to do is hang some reflective objects near your umbrella.

When the sun hits them, they’ll create a glittering show that will prevent birds from landing on your umbrella. It’s a friendly way to keep your patio space bird-free.

#3. Wind Chimes

You can consider wind chimes as your musical protection for your patio umbrella. They’re not just attractive to look at; they create peaceful sounds that can help keep birds away from the umbrella as well as the patio.

Birds are sensitive to noises, and they are not a huge fan of surprises. When the wind chimes tinkle and makes soft sounds, it can make birds scared. Because of which they prefer to maintain some distance from these chimes.

wind chimes

Hanging wind chimes near your umbrella is a pretty simple and straightforward process. They move with the wind and create musical tones that add a relaxing touch to your patio while discouraging birds from settling down.

Wind chimes come in various designs and materials. Some are made from wood and some with metal and glass. You can choose one according to your preference and style.

#4. Owl Decoys

Owl decoys are like pretend protectors for your patio umbrella. They are fake owls that you can place on or near your umbrella to scare away birds.

You see, birds often see owls as big, scary predators. So when they spot an owl decoy, they think a real owl is around and decide it’s safer to stay away. This makes your patio umbrella an unwelcome spot for them.

own decoys

Owl decoys come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Some even have realistic details like big eyes and feathers to make them look more effective.

Setting up an owl decoy is a simple way to keep birds at bay without causing any harm to them. It’s like having a friendly, fake protector that keeps your patio peaceful and bird-free.

#5. Scarecrows

Another best way to keep birds off patio umbrella is by using scarecrows. You might have seen scarecrows in agricultural grounds where farmers use them to keep birds or other hazards away from their crops.


Birds are smart, however, when they see a scarecrow, they think it’s a real person standing. Birds associate people with potential danger, so they avoid places where they see scarecrows.

Some scarecrows are simple, while others are quite detailed, with colorful clothing and hats. The main goal is to create the illusion that birds find scary. Setting up a scarecrow near your umbrella shouldn’t take too long.

So, if you’re looking for a natural and harmless way to protect your patio from bird intruders, consider getting a scarecrow.

#6. Umbrella Covers

Umbrella covers are like protective blankets for your patio umbrella. They’re a simple but effective way to keep birds off your patio umbrella.

You can cover your umbrella with one of these defensive sleeves when you are not using the umbrella. It will create a barrier between those unwanted invaders and your umbrella and protect it from their droppings.

prevent bird from patio umbrella

Like other tools mentioned above, umbrella covers also have different types, sizes and materials. However, you should be looking for something made of weather-resistant fabrics.

Such covers are designed to withstand wind and the sun’s harmful rays. It’s worth investing in a patio umbrella cover when you’re looking to protect your expensive umbrella from various threats around your patio.

By using an umbrella cover, you not only keep birds away but also add years to your umbrella’s lifespan.

#7. Mild Deterrents

Mild deterrents are substances or materials that birds find unpleasant, so they stay away without getting hurt.

One common mild deterrent is chilli powder or cayenne pepper. Sprinkle a bit of it around your umbrella, and birds will start to it because they don’t like the spicy sensation on their feet.

birds in patio umbrella

Vinegar is another mild deterrent. A mixture of water and vinegar can be sprayed on your umbrella or patio area to create an odor that birds don’t like.

These mild deterrents are safe for both birds and people, which makes them a humane way to keep your personal outdoor space bird-free.

#8. Bird Netting

Bird netting is a fine mesh or net made of lightweight material that forms a barrier to keep birds away.

This netting is a bit like a bird-proof fence. It covers the area around your patio, including your umbrella, when installed correctly. It prevents birds from entering your space.

bird netting

Bird netting is a safe way to deter birds because it doesn’t harm them. It’s a bit like putting up a “No Birds Allowed” sign without causing any discomfort. It’s especially useful if you have a large outdoor area or a garden that birds like to visit.

#9. Essential Oils

Essential oils, like lavender or citrus fruits, are special liquids extracted from plants. They have solid and pleasant smells.


Certain essential oils can be your secret weapon when it comes to keeping birds away from your patio umbrella. Birds don’t like the strong scents of these oils, so they’ll avoid areas where you’ve applied them.

Common essential oils used for this purpose include peppermint, citrus (like lemon or orange), and eucalyptus. You can mix a few drops of these oils with water and spray the mixture on or around your umbrella.

The best part is that essential oils are natural and safe for the environment. You won’t harm the birds, and you’ll enjoy your day under the cool shade of your patio umbrella.

That’s How To Keep Birds Off Patio Umbrella

Before knowing how to keep birds off patio umbrella, you must first understand why you often find birds in your umbrella or around your patio so you can stop doing what’s attracting birds. A quick research of these invaders can help you keep them away from your personal space.

Bird spikes, reflective objects, wind chimes, owl decoys, and scarecrows make your patio umbrella less attractive for birds to land on.

At the same time, covers act as barriers between bird droppings and your umbrella. Choose the method that suits you best, or it is even better to apply 3-4 ways to get the best outcome.

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