Where To Buy Patio Umbrellas? – 6 Perfect Places

When the warm daylight filled my backyard, making funny shapes on the soft green grass, I realized I needed something. A patio umbrella – a cool friend to stay in the shade with. But where to buy patio umbrellas? That’s what got me excited, starting a fun adventure in shopping.

I decided to make my sunny spot even better. So I went searching for stores nearby and on the computer. At each place I went, I got more choices. The stores that help fix homes had umbrellas too.

Then, huge marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay appeared on the internet. They had many umbrellas, just waiting for someone like me to pick them up.

where to buy patio umbrellas?

Guess what? I didn’t stop there. I went to a big show where they had everything for homes and gardens. I learned how umbrellas are made and why some are better than others. It was like a secret peek behind the curtain.

This adventure helped me find the answer to my question. But it also taught me that shopping can be like discovering treasures. I want to show you all the cool things I found and help you make your outdoor space look incredible and attractive.

So, let’s dive into this where to buy patio umbrellas guide.

6 Best Places To Buy Patio Umbrellas

  1. Local Retail Stores.
  2. Online Market Places.
  3. Specialty Outdoor Stores.
  4. Furniture Trade Shows.
  5. Directly from Manufacturers.
  6. Seasonal Sales and Discounts.

Let’s explore all these places in detail below.

1. Local Retail Stores:

where to buy patio umbrellas?

Your local retail stores can be a great starting point when you want to find a perfect patio umbrella without going miles away from your home.

These are shops right in your neighborhood where you can see and touch the umbrellas before choosing.

Home Improvement Centers

Home improvement centers are large stores with many things to improve your house. They usually have a section with outdoor stuff, and that’s where you can find patio umbrellas.

Look around, compare styles and prices, and you might just spot the umbrella that suits your patio.

Outdoor Furniture Retailers

These stores sell furniture for outside, like chairs and tables. And guess what? They also have patio umbrellas!

It’s like a one-stop shop for making your patio more restful. Take your time, sit in some chairs, and open up the umbrellas to see how they feel.

Garden Supply Shops

If you love gardening, you might already know about these shops. They’re like treasure troves for plant lovers. But guess what? Some of them also have patio umbrellas.

It’s like adding a touch of shade to your gardening shelter. Take a stroll through these shops and ask about the umbrellas.

Department Stores

Big stores that sell clothes, toys, and lots of other things often have a section for home items. That’s where you can find patio umbrellas too.

It’s like finding a hidden gem while shopping for other stuff. Don’t forget to check out the different patterns and colors available to match your style and patio decor.

2. Online Marketplaces:

online marketplaces

You’ll literally find anything on online marketplaces. From a needle to giant machines that make your day-to-day work easy, Just everything.

No need to mention that you can find the right size patio umbrella at one of these marketplaces.


Amazon is like a huge online store where you can find almost anything you need, including patio umbrellas.

You can search for different sizes, colors, and styles, read customer reviews, and check their uploaded images to inspect how the umbrella actually looks to save yourself from clickbait. After making sure, simply place the order.

Walmart Online


Just like the physical Walmart store, their website also has a variety of patio umbrellas.

You can easily browse through the options, compare prices, and even choose to pick up your umbrella from a local store or have it delivered in no time.


eBay is a bit like an online market where people buy and sell things. You might find both new and used patio umbrellas here.

It’s like a virtual garage sale where you can bid on items you like or simply buy them at a fixed price.


Wayfair is a website that focuses on furniture and home decor. They have a collection of patio umbrellas too.


You can explore different designs and get detailed information about each umbrella and help yourself to make the right decision.

Note: Online marketplaces offer convenience and a wide selection but remember to check shipping costs and return policies. Read reviews from other buyers before making your decision.

3. Specialty Outdoor Stores:

When looking for something a bit different and special, specialty outdoor stores are one of the best places to explore. These shops focus on outdoor living and offer a wider range of patio umbrellas.

Patio Furniture Boutiques

patio furniture

Patio furniture boutiques are like small, cozy shops that focus on outdoor furniture and accessories. Here, you can find patio umbrellas that are carefully selected for their style and quality.

Outdoor Lifestyle Shops

These shops help you enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest. They offer a curated collection of patio umbrellas that match different lifestyles and preferences.

It’s like stepping into a world designed just for your patio comfort.

Umbrella Brands

Some stores carry umbrellas from exclusive brands that are known for their innovation and unique designs.

These umbrellas might have features you never even knew existed, like built-in lights or wind-resistant technology. It’s like finding a whole new level of patio umbrella awesomeness.

4. Furniture Trade Shows:

where to buy patio umbrellas?

Furniture trade shows are like big events where lots of companies show off their latest and coolest things.

If you’re curious about patio umbrellas and want to see them up close, these shows can be an exciting place to visit.

Benefits of Attending Trade Shows

You can see a bunch of different patio umbrellas all in one place. It’s like having a sneak peek at what’s new and happening in the world of outdoor furniture.

Find the Patio Umbrella Suppliers

You’ll find companies at these shows that make and sell excellent quality patio umbrellas. It’s like meeting the people behind the umbrellas and getting to know their stories.

You can ask questions, touch the umbrellas, and even learn how they’re made.

Note: Visiting a furniture trade show can be fun, like going on a memorable adventure. You might find umbrella designs you’ve never seen before and learn about materials and features that make them extra awesome.

5. Directly from Manufacturers:

If you want something made the way you like, contact the manufacturer directly.

Customization Options

When you buy directly from manufacturers, it’s like being the boss of your umbrella. You can pick the colors you love, choose the size that fits your space, and add some extra features like a fantastic tilt function that works smoothly.

Bulk Ordering Benefits

If you need more than one umbrella – maybe for a big outdoor party or for your restaurant – buying from the manufacturer can save you a lot of money.

It’s like getting an ideal deal because you’re buying patio umbrellas in bulk.

Note: While buying the patio umbrella directly from the manufacturer, you can tell them exactly what you want. Moreover, you know that it’s coming straight from the source, which gives you confidence in its quality.

6. Seasonal Sales and Discounts:

Where to buy patio umbrellas? Here’s the best answer. Seasonal sales and discounts are your ticket to getting that umbrella you’ve been eyeing without breaking the bank.

Let’s see how you can save some bucks while still getting the best patio friend.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

black friday sale

Like stores have big sales after Thanksgiving, they also offer amazing deals on patio umbrellas during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s like a holiday gift to you.

End-of-Summer Clearance Sales

When summer starts saying goodbye, stores usually put their summer stuff on sale to release the old stock. Most of the time, this includes patio umbrellas too!

end of season sale

It’s like a last chance to grab what you need before the season changes. Even though summer is ending, you can start the next season with a fantastic deal on an umbrella.

Wrapping Up– Where To Buy Patio Umbrellas?

Finding the perfect patio umbrella is like solving a fun puzzle – you search, explore, and finally fit the pieces together for a delightful backyard or patio. Now that you know where to buy patio umbrellas, you can now easily create a relaxing outdoor space with some help or even own your own.

Always remember, whether you choose to visit local stores, explore online marketplaces, or seek out specialty shops, the key is to find an umbrella that suits your style, needs, and budget.

Now, you have too many options for customizing and getting discounts, which allows you to change your patio comfortably. You can choose the ideal umbrella to improve your patio’s feel and suitability.

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